The Celiveo Enterprise Full bundle products installer simplifies the installation of Celiveo solutions by enabling the administrator to install multiple Celiveo solutions using a single installer. Celiveo Products Installer also takes care of installing the Pre-requisites for the solutions.

Solution for Celiveo Smart Appliance.

Embedded Solution for Printers

Embedded Solution for HP FutureSmart Devices.

The Celiveo Shared Print Queue standalone popup notifier is a windows software installed on client machines to get notifications  from the Print Server when printing through a Server-based print queue where the CSVP is installed.

The popup notifies the user of any print-rule related information, cost of the print, quota status and remaining quota available.

Here you will find different templates for demo and training purposes.

This deployment package comprises of:

  • Latest version of Celiveo Secure Services.