How to upgrade the Celiveo Version on CSA and Embedded Agents

The Celiveo Version refers to the Celiveo firmware that runs as embedded on certain printers such as HP FutureSmart or Ricoh Android SOP 2.x MFP or as deployed in Celiveo Smart Appliance (CSA). Typically, the CSA Agent comes pre-loaded with the correct firmware. For printers that run on Embedded Agents, you must explicitly upload the Celiveo Version.

The primary and recommended method of upgrading Celiveo Version is through the Web Admin.

In case of CSA Agent, it can also be upgraded by flashing the firmware files directly to CSA Agent using USB memory stick.

Upgrade Celiveo Version through Web Admin

If you have a new version of the Celiveo firmware and you wish to upgrade it:

Step 1. Select the printer

  1. At the Main menu in Web Admin, click .
  2. Select the printer(s) for which you wish to upgrade the Celiveo Version. You may also select different printer types for this purpose.
  3. At the Printer menu, click .

Select Printer

Step 2. Upload the Celiveo Version

A tabbed dialog box is displayed, where each printer type has a separate tab. Repeat the instructions below for each tab.

Celiveo Version Settings

  1. Click the [+] icon adjacent to the [Celiveo Version] drop-down. The Upload Embedded Solution File dialog displays.
  2. Click [Select Files].
  3. Pick the *.mh/ *.mr/ *.mc/ *.bmc file provided for the printer.

You can download the latest Celiveo Version files from Downloads in the Celiveo Partner Portal.

For HP FutureSmart printers, choose the *.mh file.
For Ricoh Android SOP G2.0 and G2.5 printers, choose the *.mr file.

For other printers types, you can choose either *.mc or *.bmc file.

Step 3.  Finalize

  1. Once file is uploaded successfully, Click [Save].
  2. Synchronize the printer to upgrade the Celiveo Version on CSA.
Important: DO NOT power off or disconnect the Celiveo Smart Appliance from power when its firmware is being upgraded.

Upgrade Celiveo Version through USB

Note: This method is not applicable for HP FutureSmart printers and Ricoh Android SOP 2.x printers

There are two types of CSA firmware files. You need to flash in the order listed below:

  1. OS Image (for example:
  2. Celiveo Application file. (for example:

Follow the below steps for flashing:

  1. Format the USB memory stick to FAT32.
  2. Copy the firmware files to the root directory of the blank USB memory stick.
  3. Switch off the CSA.
  4. Insert that memory stick in the USB host port of the CSA.
  5. Switch on the CSA. The update begins automatically.
  6. LED will blink (around 15-20 minutes for OSI, 5 minutes for Firmware file).
  7. Once the update is complete, the LED indicator on the CSA changes to a steady green light.
  8. Remove the USB memory stick.


Last modified: Friday, 20 September 2019, 10:36 AM