Sales FAQ

 How to contact us?

To contact Celiveo regional teams, please fill our online form.

Are Celiveo licenses transferable between multi-vendor devices?

As long as you have a valid support pack contract, you can change printer brands or models without any loss/limitation of features/functionality. As some models are requiring the Celiveo Smart Appliance, a minimal reconfiguration will be then required. You need to get in touch with your sales contact and get a quote for that additional hardware.

Does Celiveo products support any printer brands?

Yes, Celiveo supports leading vendors printers and MFPs. To get the full list, please visit at the online compatibility pages.

Does Celiveo offer proximity readers? Can I obtain them from other sources?

Yes, Celiveo offers proximity readers that you can provide to clients who do not already have them or have special badges. However you may also provide your own readers that you purchased from other sources.

Can a client choose to upgrade from Celiveo Business to Celiveo Enterprise?

Yes. If a client needs capabilities present in Celiveo Enterprise, they can choose to upgrade from Celiveo Business to the full Celiveo Enterprise. The migration has a very low cost: the price difference between the two products.

Send an e-mail to your regional Celiveo sales contact, stating the reasons for why you wish to upgrade. Celiveo sales department will respond with 2-3 business days.

What are your prices terms?

All prices are in EUR in EMEA and in US$ in all other regions, for an order with a unique delivery.

Prices are ex-works Meridian Idaho, USA, for Americas; Issy les Moulineaux, France for EMEA; Quebec City for Canada, Petaling Jaya for Malaysia/Bangladesh/Sri Lanka/Philippines, and Singapore for other Asia Pacific countries.

How can I purchase Celiveo products?

Celiveo's products are sold by a network of certified Value-Added Resellers (VARs). If you wish to purchase a product, please contact your local VAR.

The list of available VAR/resellers/partners is provided here.

How do I get free version of Celiveo Print-Direct?

Please visit the Print-Direct page.

Upon installation the Celiveo Print-Direct trial mode automatically starts:

  • for 30 days
  • up to 10 printers
  • unlimited number of users
How can I extend the trial license of Celiveo Print-Direct?

Upon registration on Celiveo portal the Celiveo Print-Direct trial license can be extended:

  • for 1 year
  • up to 10 printers
  • unlimited number of users
How do I get support?

The Celiveo global support ticket system is accessible by our global clients and certified partners for tickets and SLA traceability.

Support and maintenance are performed remotely through this web portal.

What does the Celiveo Enterprise maintenance contracts include?

The maintenance contract:

    • Includes support from your local certified VAR or partner
    • Covers hardware, software, and firmware updates (both minor and major releases)
    • Must be purchased within 90 days of the initial purchase
    • Starts on the product purchase date
    • Is mandatory for Celiveo installed on MFPs and is strongly recommended for Celiveo installed on printers.

You can buy support packs that vary in duration from 1 to 5 years:

(1) Support only: support and access to minor version (from 8.0 to 8.1, 8.2 etc). At the release of a major version (9.0 for instance), clients may want to purchase the "major upgrade option".

(2) Upgrade only: complements the Support only contract when the client wants to get the latest major version (ie v9).

What support options are available?

A support issue is initially treated by Level 0 Support. If the issue turns out to be too complex for Level 0, it is passed on to Level 1 Support who will try to treat it in their turn. Should it be to complex for them, it will be passed on to Level 2 and so on and so forth.

  • Level 0 Support provides the initial response to an End-User-initiated request for support. Level 0 Support includes, but may not be limited to:
    • the verification and validation that the End-User is entitled to receive support services,
    • the logging of suspected problems reported by the End-User,
    • recording the details of the problem in a problem-management database,
    • dispatching the request for support as specified herein, and
    • managing the End-User call to an acceptable closure.
  • Level 1 Support responds to an End-User's notification of a suspected problem in the software. These services include, but may not be limited to:
    • answering installation, configuration and usage questions,
    • problem isolation and identification,
    • determination of whether a solution is contained in the software information, and
    • a review of a symptom-solutions database for known problem resolutions.
  • Level 2 Support performs an in-depth analysis of the suspected problem, attempts to recreate the problem and to provide an acceptable problem resolution.
  • Level 3 Support solves problems in the software that are determined to be, or are highly probable to be, the result of a design or manufacturing defect or the result of a complex interaction between the software and another product that cannot be resolved by the client, and that requires product design engineering knowledge or expertise to isolate and correct.
How do I renew my maintenance contract?

To renew your maintenance contract, send a purchase order to your local VAR. You may ask for a quote before sending your order.

How do I return a product for repair or replacement (RMA procedure)?

To return a product for repair or replacement, you need to:

  • Enter the incident in the Celiveo tracking center, describing the problem in the ticket.

Technical Support will determine whether the problem is setup, software, or hardware related and if a return is necessary.
If Technical Support decides that the product needs to be returned for repair or replacement, Celiveo will provide you with an RMA number (through the tracking center).
The defective product should then be shipped prepaid with the RMA number on the outside of the package.
Celiveo sends the repaired product or replacement product back to you.


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